From online to offline NFN will bring you fashion's finest to one platform both in-person and virtually

Our Story

Neo Fashion Nomads promotes unity and inclusivity by bringing underrated brands and everyday people together. We celebrate diversity across all cultures, personal styles, shapes, and sizes. NFN connects designers and patrons alike in both online and in-person spaces where they feel comfortable and inspired by one another. We curate house-party styled pop-ups. Tailored to your ideal walk-in-closet, patrons enjoy a shopping experience at our parties that bring to life collections by various designers. Not only do shoppers get to experience the fashion live, they also get to access collections from brands we partner with through the NFN online boutique. We collaborate with designers committed to providing unique ready-to-wear, premium, and size inclusive pieces for the bold yet understated urbanite. From online to offline, NFN brings a designer’s collections to life.

Relish in the party, enjoy the shopping, but most importantly- adore the fashion.

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NFN currently has a set of designers ready to debut their collections through the online platform and we are looking for more!

If you are a designer, either formally trained or self-taught and would like to join the NFN community, please click on the button below to fill out our Designer Application form. We look forward to hearing from you!